Travel tips


El Coca city is warm due to its people and its climate, so it is advisable to wear light clothing, as well as purified water in a bottle to hydrate yourself. El Coca can be visited all the time as there are several activities and places to visit.


As we are in the Amazon, the rains are very frequent, so it is important to bring extra clothing and shoes suitable for these conditions, a raincoat and rubber boots that you can get at the destination or with the tour operators.


The destination has conventional, cell phone services (Cnt, Movistar, Claro), and internet. Some establishments that are located in the jungle have satellite internet service.


If you come by plane, we remind you to carry a luggage weight limit of 23 kg. (50 pounds), and hand luggage 10 kg. (22 pounds). Try to take what you need with you; El Coca city can provide you with all the facilities you need.


The experiences within the Amazon are unique and unmatched for their scenic beauty, it is important to bring a cell phone or a camera so that you can record your memories.

Personal Care

It is important to take care of our health when taking a tour, so we recommend bringing a hat, glasses, and sunscreen, as well as a swimsuit for moments of relaxation.


When having contact with the communities that live in the jungle, it is recommended to respect their traditions, since they will teach us about their culture.


El Coca has an Information point, which will help you with the tourist options available to the destination during your trip.

Tourism department


Chimborazo Z1-S1 83-04 y Amazonas (malecón)


062999060 ext. 2100


Office hours

Lunes a viernes de 07h30 – 16h30 Feriados de 08h00 – 17h00

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